Gorham NH Real Estate


Gorham NH is a town in Northern New Hampshire and is located in Coos County. Gorham is situated inside the White Mountains, and parts of the White Mountain National Forest are in the northwest and south. Hikers making their way up the Appalachian Trail can be seen throughout the summer months.

If you looking for a new home in New Hampshire, whether you’re already a resident or are considering a move here, we thought we would help you out a bit.

Gorham, NH real estate for sale —3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving Here

We love Gorham, NH and think that it’s more than just a great place to visit. It’s a wonderful place to live. To convince you of that, here is our list of the top 3 reasons to consider a move to beautiful Gorham, NH.

  1. The History. Incorporated in 1836, Gorham, NH is celebrating its 180th year this year. Gorham started out as a farming and logging town, later becoming a “railroad town”. This change brought tourists from Boston and Canada. You can learn more about the history of this lovely town by visiting the Train Depot, a museum housing boxcars and locomotives.
  2. The Small Town Atmosphere. At the time of its incorporation, Gorham’s population numbered only 150. While a bit larger today, we still haven’t exceeded 3000. There is a charming, close-knit, small town atmosphere that permeates Gorham. The residents here are true neighbors. You and your family will make friendships that last a lifetime.
  3. There’s Something For Everyone. One of the supposed drawbacks of a small town is that it won’t appeal to a variety of people, especially those from bigger cities. We can guarantee you, though, that Gorham, NH has its share of gourmet restaurants, wonderful shops and quality accommodations.

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Of course, this is just 3 reasons to consider Gorham. If you’d like to find out more about why we think you should call Gorham, NH home, or if you’d like to schedule some home viewings, give us a call!