Shelburne NH Real Estate


Shelburne, NH real estate for sale—Experience its Rich History and Breathtaking Beauty

One of the attractions of living on the East Coast is our rich history. And, of course, who can deny the beauty of this part of the country? If you’re looking for an East Coast home, you have many options to choose from. Have you considered purchasing one in the lovely town of Shelburne, NH?

Why Shelburne, NH Is an Awesome Place to Live

With all of the options available for East Coast living, why choose Shelburne, NH? Here are just 2 reasons why we love this little town.

  1. The Rich History. To be fair, there’s a lot of history on the East Coast, but Shelburne has a “claim to fame”, as it were, that its residents are particularly proud of. Back in 1769, the town was named after the Earl of Shelburne who was a supporter of American colonial independence. It is partly because of the Earl of Shelburne that King George II of England was willing to recognize United States’ independence. And the historical facts don’t end there. Shelburne’s history includes that of Native Americans and the Atlantic Railroad.
  2. Absolutely Breathtaking Beauty. Shelburne, NH is incredibly popular with photographers, artists and nature lovers. There is a World War II memorial set in amongst a grove of birch trees that is absolutely beautiful. Additionally, residents enjoy the stunning Mount Washington Valley.

Badger Realty—Now Serving Beautiful, Historic Shelburne, NH

We’ve proudly served the North Conway area for many decades, and we’re happy to announce that we now serve Coos County, including Shelburne. We are passionate about New Hampshire real estate and we know that we can help you find the perfect house to call home. Proudly home to the Leadmine State Forest, Shelburne also boasts yet another crossing location for the Appalachian Trail. Shelburne NH Real Estate is varied in acreage, price range and views!

If you’re ready to look for a home in Shelburne, please give us a call today!